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Casual Game → 10th Corpse

Match 3 Games

10th Corpse
513 3.6

A large and bright game that includes multiple levels of various complexity… You need to move the monsters from the right from one row to another and also collect combinations of three identical monsters at the end of the line. Then you will proceed to the next level.

Casual Game → Shopping Clutter 7: Food Detectives

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 7: Food Detectives
822 4.3

The Walkers have always had a dream to open a family restaurant. The plan has been put in motion, and our heroes knew exactly what they needed: a place with a cozy atmosphere, uplifting music, tasty recipes from the traveler’s journal and that mouth-watering scent of meals made with love…

Casual Game → Travel Mosaics 14: Perfect Stockholm

Puzzle Games

Travel Mosaics 14: Perfect Stockholm
504 3.5

The Walkers invite you to take a walk along the narrow paved streets of Stockholm and enjoy the views of its picturesque canals and restrained architecture. The animal family will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the most fascinating landmarks of the capital of Sweden.

Casual Game → Legendary Mosaics 2: The Stolen Freedom

Puzzle Games

Legendary Mosaics 2: The Stolen Freedom
554 3.8

Everyone knows that The Statue of Liberty is very special. It was created to celebrate the most important virtue — freedom. It emits a very strong power that can give people hope and strength. In the hands of evil, the statue can do the exact opposite! And now it is stolen!

Casual Game → The Wisbey Mystery

Hidden Object

The Wisbey Mystery
580 3.7

For many years people from one little town keep away from a local manor by the woodside. It’s dark, wrecked walls keep a terrible secret about the unsolved murder of the sheriff and his wife. And now the story continues, when a young journalist, writing the story about the incident, disappears under murky circumstances. Maybe the maniac’s diary he found earlier has something to do with it…

Casual Game → Incredible Dracula 9: Legacy of the Valkyries

Time Management

Incredible Dracula 9: Legacy of the Valkyries. Collector's Edition
1 619 1 4.3

Gather your undead cronies and set off on a journey through fantastical lands and past fierce creatures of legend to claim a treasure beyond imagination! Count Dracula awaits your arrival.

Casual Game → Owl Rescue

Match 3 Games

Owl Rescue
621 3.4

A school for post owls is situated in one charming forest. For years the owls have properly delivered correspondence all over the world. The Keeper of the school and his companion, the dog Bella, are very proud of their pupils. One evening Keeper and Bella fall asleep, and when they wake up they only see empty cages — all the owls disappeared. Alarm! Millions of people may not receive their letters! But our characters do not get despaired, they set off in search…

Casual Game → Flying Fish Quest

Match 3 Games

Flying Fish Quest
480 4.4

One morning a pretty fish Dolly discovered that the surface of the water is covered with something, so it grew much darker. Dolly with her friend sea horse Tim start their investigation. What happened and who is guilty? Let’s help our heroes!

Casual Game → Princess Solitaire

Card Games

Princess Solitaire
658 3.2

New original story-driven solitaire adventure game. Save the Kingdom of Marderburg from the wicked witch’s spells by playing magic solitaire.

Casual Game → Travel Mosaics 13: Spectacular Amsterdam

Puzzle Games

Travel Mosaics 13: Spectacular Amsterdam
647 3.6

The Walkers invite you to join their incredible strolling through picturesque canal streets of Amsterdam. The animal family will share the secrets and will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the most fascinating and famous landmarks of the capital of the Netherlands.

Casual Game → Monster Toons

Match 3 Games

Monster Toons
530 3.5

Monsters… who are they and where did they come from? They are able to change the world of cartoons, which we used to know. Do not let them win! Once these monsters acquire a taste for it — they will not stop.

Casual Game → Gizmos: Interstellar Voyage

Puzzle Games

Gizmos: Interstellar Voyage
594 3.5

Prepare yourself for an outer space adventure with the Gizmos and solve tons of nonogram puzzles across multiple exotic planets. You’ve always had a knack for numbers. Use your skills to win and make the Gizmos proud!