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Action Game → Fiery Catacombs

Action Games

Fiery Catacombs
1 799 1 4

Free! Fiery Catacoms is a platformer and adventure in which the main character fell into the ancient catacombs and now he needs to find a way out of them. To stay alive, the player will need to avoid numerous traps and solve difficult puzzles in ancient catacombs.

Action Game → Next Stop 2

Strategy Games

Next Stop 2
4 742 3.9

Next Stop 2 is your ticket to the railroad business! Margaret has once again borrowed money from the bank, and meeting her obligations will take some seriously clever resource management work. Can you help Margaret and company fix up the railroads, collect resources and build a city? Find out in Next Stop 2!

Action Game → Next Stop 3

Strategy Games

Next Stop 3
2 949 1 4.2

The eccentric Margaret is once again shocking all of her friends! She got approved for huge loans and started out to complete the most exciting of quests along with her shocked team. Fifty levels and a variety of quests aimed to restore the dilapidated railway and decrepit infrastructure await us.

Action Game → Dragons Never Cry

Action Games

Dragons Never Cry
1 165 4.4

Little dragon does his favorite thing, treasure hunting, when suddenly discovers that cute forest animals become bloodthirsty monsters. With his friend, mysterious flying panda, dragon goes deeper into the forest trying to find out where those monsters come from, and how to stop the invasion.

Action Game → Hamlet

Action Games

1 479 8 4.4

Free! Guide the Hero as he embarks on a mind-bending mission to save Hamlet's girlfriend from the clutches of the evil Claudius! Solve cunning puzzles and progress from scene to sidesplitting scene as you defeat bosses and overcome mental obstacles!

Action Game → Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon

Strategy Games

Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon
2 647 8 4

We thought we were alone in the universe, but after receiving a strange signal from the dark side of the Moon, everything we thought is now under question. We need a team of exceptionally talented specialists to venture out and unravel the darkest secrets known to humankind.

Action Game → The Silent Age

Action Games

The Silent Age
1 620 7 4.4

Help Joe as he travels between the groovy present of 1972 and the apocalyptic future of 2012 to discover the truth behind mankind’s extinction — a quest entrusted to him by a dying man from the future.

Action Game → Sky Taxi 4: Top Secret

Action Games

Sky Taxi 4: Top Secret
7 441 3.7

Guide Mitch, a movie star by day and superhero by night, as he sets out to rescue a beautiful spy from the clutches of a madman! The gameplay is magnificently old school and the boss battles are awesomely epic!

Action Game → Toy Defense 2

Shooter Games

Toy Defense 2
6 837 3.7

Feel the spirit of World War II in the new action strategy game Toy Defense 2! Take part in various missions in a range of theatres of war from the picturesque Normandy beaches and forests to the North African deserts. Most epic battles are waiting for you!

Action Game → Sleep Attack

Shooter Games

Sleep Attack
1 750 4.3

Enjoy an amazing new TWIST in Tower Defense! You control the layout of the battlefield, and you decide the paths your enemies follow! Build and place powerful turrets to attack invading enemies. Then rotate the battlefield to force foes down your preferred path of destruction. Be careful though, there are always multiple routes to control!

Action Game → Distrust

Strategy Games

2 659 16 4.3

They were on a routine rescue mission when a helicopter crash left them stranded near an abandoned Arctic base. As the survivors try to find a way back, they begin to experience strange symptoms: the longer they stay awake, the more twisted their perceptions of reality become. Then they learn the real nightmare begins when they fall asleep...

Action Game → Antisquad

Strategy Games

1 945 2 3.9

In remote locations of the planet, crime lords covered by corrupted authorities keep terrorizing innocent populations. Faced with such a danger, who to turn to? Well, look no further, for the AntiSquad is here! As the leader of the AntiSquad, you are devoted to put down every scum /standing in your path. To do so, you can rely on a squad of first-class mercenaries doped up with unique abilities.